Lakeshore PAWS is a mostly volunteer run, nonprofit 501(c)3 animal rescue organization located in Valparaiso, Indiana. We were established in 2011. Our vision is to create a culture of compassion and partnership in Northwest Indiana that will one day assure that every pet born has a stable home and care throughout its natural life.


Lakeshore PAWS is dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned and unwanted pets in Northwest Indiana–one animal at a time–because we believe they deserve it.


Compassion – Treating each animal with the kindness it deserves.
Community – Creating partnerships for a better world for pets in Northwest Indiana.
Results – Acting to ensure that every pet receives a second chance at a forever home.
Advocacy  Working as a voice for every animal in despair.


Lakeshore PAWS is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization in Northwest Indiana. The effort was established by two business women and animal lovers who simply could not ignore the growing number of animals without homes.


Lakeshore PAWS envisions a culture of compassion and partnership in Northwest Indiana that will one day guarantee every pet has a stable home and care throughout its natural life.


Lakeshore PAWS is a privately owned non-for profit rescue that cares for dogs with treatable medical or behavioral issues. Dogs receive the medical care and all of the socialization and behavior support that we can provide in order to thrive in new homes. There are no limits placed on dogs in our care for space or time.


In 2021, Lakeshore PAWS pulled 631 dogs into our facility, adopted out 595, and humanely euthanized 7 dogs. We had an average save rate of 98.8%, which means nearly 99% of dogs who enter the shelter have a positive outcome. To qualify as a No-Kill shelter, the live save rate must be 90% or higher. We acknowledge that in cases of animal suffering, humane euthanasia is the most compassionate outcome. When a pet demonstrates behavioral concerns that pose a threat to people or other animals, or when they face significant quality-of-life concerns, euthanasia may be considered.