Seniors for Seniors

We believe that Senior adopters and Senior dogs have similar lifestyles that could greatly benefit each other. Senior dogs have a low-energy lifestyle and usually require less work and training than younger dogs, making them excellent companions. We offer a discounted rate of $50 for Senior adopters (75+ years) on Senior dogs (7+ years). 

What are the benefits of adopting a senior dog?  

  • Senior dogs require less training.
    Puppies are high maintenance and require lots of training and time. It can take a couple of years before a dog is out of their puppy/adolescent stage. An older dog in the shelter may likely already be house-broken, leash-trained, and all around a calmer dog.
  • Senior dogs are lower maintenance.
    Most senior-age dogs are just looking for a companion to spend their life with. They are over the long hikes and hours of extensive exercise. A perfect day for them is relaxing on the couch and watching a movie with you or sunbathing outside in a nice shady spot.
  • Senior dogs still have plenty of life to live!
    Even though we consider a dog “senior” at 7 years old, they still have plenty of life to live! Some dogs can live anywhere from 10 – 15 years old. You truly get to spend the golden years with them.
  • We offer a senior discount for senior dogs.
    We offer adopters that are 75+ a discounted rate of just $50 to adopt dogs that are 7+ years old.
  • Senior dogs get overlooked in shelters.
    The majority of adopters would rather have a puppy than a senior dog leading to longer stays in the shelter for them. Senior dogs offer a ton of great qualities that make them a perfect pet.

We like to encourage our older adopters to consider a senior-aged dog rather than a puppy. A large number of the dogs that are returned are due to their owner becoming ill or passing away and no provisions were in place. It is HIGHLY suggested that arrangements are in place in case of unforeseen circumstances. We may ask to provide proof of such provisions.